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The key to having a long lasting tiled floor consists of a few things. 

Installation - A solid and straight tiled floor consists of who is laying the tile. An installer can be very good though inexperienced in a particular tile such as a 24 x 24 rectified (straight edged) porcelain. 

Cement - Make sure to always buy the cement, adhesive or grout separately to match the requirements of the product you purchased rather than having the installer purchase his own. This avoids the case in where the installer uses the wrong product leaving you to deal with any issues that may occur in the future. So if you are using a large format tile purchase a 'LFT adhesive" or if you are installing tile on an outdoor application then be sure to use a cement qualified to be used outdoors. 


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When dealing with light coloured tile or natural stone, be sure to use a white cement over a grey cement. This avoids any possible bleeding of the cement through to the surface of the tile.